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o get data by constantly measurin▓g temperatures on the surface of the moon."Exploring the far side of the moon is one contribution China is making to the world. Although we still don't know what we might find, this exploration might influence several generations," s▓aid Shen Zhenrong, a designer of the lunar rover.Wu Weiren said: "Exploring the unknown is human nature. The moon is a mysterious world to us. We have a responsibility to explore and to under▓stand it. Exploration of the mo

on will also deepen our un▓derstanding of Earth and ourselves."Please▓ scan the QR Code to follow us on InstagramPlease s▓can the QR Code to follow us on Wec▓hatBamboo fills pandas' stomachs and farmers' wallets in SW ChinaBamboo fills pandas' stomachs and farm▓ers' wallets in SW ChinaBamboo fills pandas' stomachs and farmers' wallets in SW China04-26-2018 09:52 BJTKnown as the preferred diet of the giant panda, bamboo is now sprouting as an important plant to▓ help the impoverished shake off poverty in southwest China.Fang Yongqi dropped out of school when he was 14 because hi

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s family couldn't afford tuition fees. He had to learn to carve bamboo roots to make a living. Although s▓urrounded by bamboo forests, neither he nor other v▓illagers fully realized the value of bamboo.As more tourists come to see the beautiful

scene▓ry of the bamboo forests, Fang can now earned more than one million yuan (158,000 U.▓S. dollars) by selling his bamboo work every year.In Baijie Town, villagers cultivate bamboo fung▓us, or crinoline stinkhorn, a delicacy

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Wimmer-Sch▓weingruber, of the Institute of Experimental and Applied Physics of Kiel University in German▓y, said that preparing for future human ex▓ploration of the moon was an excellent idea."If a▓stronauts come back to Earth, the radiation on the moon is the only danger that remains in their▓ body. So we need to understand that," he said.Johan Koehler, head of Sol

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f Long, bamboo is the "golden key" to change his hard life. He sold ▓bamboo and bamboo shoots at first, and finally grew bamb▓oo fungus, which brought him more th

an 400,000 yu▓an last year. Long is now planning to expand his business this year.Since there is a high demand for ▓this kind of mushroom, other villagers▓ have followed suit to develop bamb▓oo-related business.The bamboo have also attracted businesses to Sichuan. Bamboo has ▓been developed as a raw material to produce▓ paper, charcoal, wine and fiber products. Those products▓ increase employment and incomes for local residents."With the largest area of bamboo ▓forests of a

rly 1,800 gia▓nt pandas.Chen Yingjun, a farmer in Wolong▓ Town in southwest China's Sichuan Province, used to gro▓w potato and corn, but his life has greatly improved since he started to grow bamboo for giant pandas.C▓hen signed an agreement with the local government to grow bamboo on his farm for giant

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  • oped through international cooperation, providing more opportunities ▓to the world's scientists and combining human expert▓ise in space exploration."I think one of th▓e beauties o
  • f space science is that we do cooper▓ate internationally. Space science to▓ me is something important, als
  • o as a message of peace worldwide," Wimmer-Schweingruber▓